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Welcome to my website!

Ever since I discovered how helpful complementary therapies were in resolving my insomnia, I’ve been passionate about helping other people tackle their health problems, including those which are stress related.

I’m a strong believer that our bodies have amazing healing abilities but that often life and the choices we make get in the way of us improving our health. Sometimes this means that we feel out of sorts and sometimes it means we’re living with chronic health conditions.

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So how can I help? Well, as a Reflexologist or by using Seated Acupressure (sometimes called Seated Massage) I can create a wonderful sense of relaxation during which your body will be able to rebalance itself. If that sounds a bit woolly, it’s because the Advertising Standards Authority prevent me from making claims about Reflexology and Seated Massage helping specific health conditions because there’s not the research to prove it, although there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. There’s little research because sadly, complementary therapies don’t have the money which the drugs industry has. In any case complementary therapists treat the person, not the condition. It’s all about you!

Stress! What can I say? It is thought that up to 70% of health problems can be attributed to the effects of long-term stress - headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, aches and pains to name a few. It affects not only our physical health but our mental and emotional health too. Reflexology has been shown to improve sleep and aid relaxation, so just think how it could help you cope with stressful situations, or life in general.

Who wouldn’t want a bit of chill out time, having a wonderful foot or head, neck and shoulder massage? A Mindfulness Reflexology is particularly helpful for stress or maybe a Seated Massage? The choice is yours.

Whilst I understand that many of my Reflexologist colleagues like to offer support to those with fertility issues, I am drawn to women at a later stage in life experiencing the menopause as I feel that so often there is little support or help available to them. Many of my clients who are undergoing the menopause feel as though they’ve been forgotten about – but not by me!

But it’s not just about people of a particular age group because I believe that folk of all ages can benefit from some Reflexology or Seated Massage. My clients' ages range from 12 to 80 years.

Did you know that about 20% of women who undergo treatment for breast cancer subsequently experience lymphodoema? Despite this shocking statistic, there is often no treatment offered to help with the condition. Reflexology Lymph Drainage has produced some remarkable results during research and in clinical practice, so if you are suffering lymphodoema please check out the Reflexology Lymph Drainage section of my Reflexology page to see what help I can offer.

So who might come to see me?

  • Women experiencing symptoms associated with the menopause

  • Mums (or Dads) coping with the stress of young (or older) children needing to chill out

  • Anyone who suffers aches and pains, and maybe headaches, on a regular basis who would like to feel more comfortable

  • Women who are undergoing or have undergone treatment for breast cancer and are suffering lymphoedema

  • Anyone who needs some help to cope with a high pressure job and is feeling the effects of stress

  • Anyone who is a carer and needs some time to focus on themselves

  • Anyone who has various minor ailments which don’t seem worth bothering a doctor with

  • Anyone who just wants to relax

    I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea that there are many people in all kinds of situations who could benefit. As a Reflexologist and Seated Massage practitioner I'm convinced that management of our health is in our own hands, but that a bit of extra help from someone like myself can make a huge difference too.

    Because I’m virtually on the Essex and Suffolk border, if you live in or near Colchester, or between Sudbury and Colchester then it’s really easy to get to me. Even if you're further afield in Essex or Suffolk, because I'm in a convenient, yet quiet, location situated just five minutes away from J28, J29 and the Birchwood slip road of the A12, you'll still find me easy to get to. And if you’re in Sudbury, because I’m only a short distance from the A134, I’m still only 20 minutes away.

    I offer appointments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Some evening appointments are also available.

    If you are interested in trying Reflexology or Seated Massage and would like to discuss how they could help you please give me a call or e-mail me.

  • New Year’s Blog – 2019

    Don’t do it!

    If you haven’t already, don’t do it! Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution. Why not?

    Because it’s entirely the wrong time of year to do it, that’s why not.

    Let’s face it, most people will resolve to:

    Lose weight

    Stop smoking

    Get fit

    So what’s wrong with that I hear you ask? Shouldn’t I be trying to improve my health? Yes, absolutely, but leave the main event until later in the year. Here’s why:

    Let’s start with losing weight.
    Did you get lots of chocolates at Christmas or buy in extra biscuits and sweets? Chances are you’ve still got some lurking in the cupboard, calling to you to finish them up. So what’s going to happen to them? Either you’ll resist them for a couple of weeks then check the use by dates and decide you’d better eat them before it’s too late, or they’ll beckon to you when you’re only a couple of days into your diet. Then before you know where you are you’ll have succumbed and the diet’s gone for a burton (who was Burton?)

    So the Christmas break is over, you’re back to work with all the associated stresses and you could really do with a cigarette to help you through the day. Just one – or maybe two, or three, or ten?

    Get Fit
    Got the new workout gear for Christmas? Only trouble is it’s dark, cold, possibly raining and you don’t feel like going out for a run or leaving your cosy living room to head for the gym, having just got in from work or sorted out the kids’ tea. Or maybe you’ve succumbed to the lurgy that’s doing the rounds?

    So what should you do instead of a New Year Resolution?

    Go to my Blog page to find out.....

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