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Seated Acupressure (also often known as Seated Massage or On-Site Massage)

As the name suggests , this is a treatment which takes place whilst you are seated! The specially designed chair which I use looks a bit strange, but is actually very comfortable and supportive, allowing you to relax into it without fear of falling off.

Seated Acupressure is a massage session incorporating acupressure (like acupuncture, but using fingers instead of needles), stretches and joint mobilisation to help release tension and improve blood circulation, leaving you relaxed but also energised, so you can return to work or whatever else your day has in store for you, feeling refreshed.

Seated Acupressure (SA) was developed in the 1980s in the Silicone Valley in the USA, for the employees of Apple Computers. Sitting over a keyboard all day often results in various postural problems which can lead to headaches, neck problems, aching shoulders and back pain, RSI of the wrist and blurred vision.

But you don't have to be tied to a keyboard all day to experience these problems, so SA is useful for all manner of folk.

Sessions are usually 30 minutes in length (including health check).

30 minute Seated Acupressure session - £20.00

SA is ideal as a treatment not only in my clinic but also in offices, shops, hairdressers, health clubs, village halls, pubs, at events - in fact anywhere there's room to set up the chair and keep dry.

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