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Ear Candling

Ear Candling – also known as ear coning, Thermo-auricular therapy, thermal-auricula therapy. Probably most often referred to as Hopi Ear Candling, although this term is no longer used in compliance with the wishes of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Society.

Heat and smoke have been used for healing purposes by many cultures over the years, a practice which continues today although heat is often generated by electrical equipment, such as when having physiotherapy, rather than flame.

Lying on your side with a lighted candle protruding from your ear doesn’t sound like the most relaxing thing you could do but is actually very restful. The heat and crackling sounds emitted from the candle are really soothing with the effect being a bit like sitting in front of a log fire.

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Conditions which may be eased by ear candling

It’s important to stress that the effectiveness of ear candling is based on anecdotal evidence from ear candling practitioners and their clients rather than scientific evidence and suggests that it may be helpful for a range of conditions involving the ears, sinuses and face.
ASA guidelines mean that I cannot specify any in particular, but if you would like to ring me, I am able to discuss them with you as this is considered giving information rather than being advertising.

Tell me more

Ear candles are hollow cylinders of beeswax, linen and herbs. I use only high-quality ear candles which have a filter to prevent any of the ingredients from falling into the ear as the candle burns.
Treatments last approximately 45 minutes, with each candle burning for about 10 minutes. The session includes health consultation, massage around the ear and a short acupressure face massage to encourage clearance of sinuses.

May not be for:

• Having a perforated eardrum, or history of perforation in last 3 months
• A grommet in place or which has fallen out in the last 3 months
• An allergy to any of the candle ingredients - usually linen, beeswax, honey and herbal extracts
• Being under specific medical supervision – depending on the reason
• Anti-biotics being used for an ear/nose/throat condition
• Recent excessive dental work which may make the face and jaw sensitive to treatment
• First trimester of pregnancy
• Pregnant – if sage is an ingredient of the candles
• Clients under 16 without an adult present
• Epilepsy – due to sage as an ingredient
• Fever/contagious condition
• Cochlear implants or hearing aids (if unable to be safely left out for 48 hours)
• Skin conditions affecting the ear (i.e. eczema or psoriasis)
• Skin conditions (i.e. cold sores, acne) affecting the face – no face massage

Safety Notice

It is extremely important that, when coming for an ear candling session, clients ensure that they are not wearing any flammable hair products such as hair spray and some dry shampoos.

Ear candling session - £40.00 (approximately 45 mins. including health check & brief acupressure face massage)

Payment may be made in cash or by card using contactless.

Gift vouchers are available for this treatment.

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